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Updating blogs April 17, 2007

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I am very behind in updating my blogs. For latest ones, please check my flickr photos. I don’t know why, but I think it is getting slower in uploading pictures in this blog. It’s kinda frustrating 🙂


Balinese Spicy Chicken March 20, 2007

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060320Going back to taste of home. It’s always the best dish to reheat. I’ve been lazy to prep in the morning, so I made everything last night.

 We just bought 2 new pyrex container, with steam vent on the lid. Perfect for reheating in microwave. Guess what, I forgot to take my orange and cucumber out before reheating.. mm.. so I got a luke warm orange.. not a good idea.


Burger and Mapo Tofu March 9, 2007

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070309Last night, I put mapo tofu and mixed veggie in the bowls. In the morning, I reheat rice, mapo tofu, and pan fry burger. It took about 20 min to prepare 2 set of bentos, for me and my hubby.

* I prepare the burgers ahead, freeze them. In the morning, all I need just pan frying.


Left over – again March 5, 2007

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070305Left overs from today’s dinner and the day before.

*Stir fry broccoli, mushrooms, and egg tofu in oyster sauce; spicy eggplant (using Gochujang – korean hot pepper paste).

I miss the one taste of eggplant from Baiso. It’s kinda spicy but it has a sweet after taste. I am guessing they’re using Gochujang and some kinda syrup. It came pretty close, but not quite. I think I miss ground sesame. I’ll try again next time and see.


My latest bento shopping March 4, 2007

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I don’t shop on clothes or other stuff. My shopping craze is all about bento. I searched my area, been to LOTS of asian supermarkets (hoping to find bento items), driving my hubby nuts, absolutely nuts.


Can you blame me? They’re super cute and beautiful! A lot of people say I’m crazy, being so obsessed on lunch, spending so much time on lunch. I bet everyone who has a hobby or passion in something, they’ll go for it and they’ll spend money and time that seems crazy to others. It is my way of stress relief method.. I found myself very relax in the kitchen.


Another quick one

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070304Another quick one. Left over noodle from chinese takeout, spam, fruits, I cook thick omelete and teriyaki balls.

Just boil beef/shrimp/crab imitation/squid balls (anythign you have). Throw in a pan with a bit oil, to brown them a bit, then add teriyaki sauce.. Tada.. if you want to make it fancy, use a cute toothpick, make it looks like satay. Of course you need to find a good teriyaki sauce.


Supermarket Bento February 28, 2007

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070228Totally cheated. I bought dim sum nite sale at asian supermarket. All I cooked was the egg. Cut some veg, there you go, bento to go.

– bbq pork bun, fried fish cake roll, pot sticker, stewed egg.